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We are Lafiya

Women-owned Niger business


Welcome to Lafiya: your partner in health

At Lafiya, we're more than just a soap brand - we're a social enterprise driven by a passion for change and a commitment to better, healthier lives for all. Founded by two friends, one from Niger and one from the Netherlands, our journey began with a simple yet powerful vision: to harness the natural resources of Niger to create products that not only enhance personal well-being but also uplift rural communities across the region.

Our Vision for Health: Sustainability, Ethics, and Quality

Lafiya, meaning "health" in Hausa, embodies our core ethos. From the southern parklands of Niger, we source the finest natural ingredients, ensuring that each product retains its inherent goodness without the use of harmful chemicals. Our manufacturing process is not only sustainable and ethical but also deeply rooted in age-old traditions, supporting female-owned businesses and embracing fair-trade principles every step of the way.

Established in 2024, Lafiya is a start-up with deep roots and a strong presence in Niger.

What We Do


Craftsmanship with Care: the Lafiya Difference

Our journey begins with the hands of empowered women from communities in Dosso, Konni, Maradi, and Zinder. With the greatest care, they harvest, process, and craft the raw ingredients that form the foundation of our natural, hand-made soaps.


At Laboratoire Lafiya we process those ingredients and turn them into gorgeous soap bars. Each bar is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, traceability, and the well-being of both our customers, suppliers and the environment. 

Lafiya & Local Partners

Lafiya will cooperate with local initiatives to contribute to planting more trees as part of the Green Wall initiative, and will focus on growing more productive trees, that will further enhance the agricultural needs that support a sustainable food and essential plant-based oil and butter supply


Lafiya & International Partners

Lafiya is a member of the Global Shea Alliance, Ghana.

Our Lafiya Soap Producers have been trained in, and certified by The Camel Soap Factory in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Our raw ingredients are tested from time to time in the laboratory of Nofalab in Schiedam, the Netherlands.

photo image of west African family washi
shea butter.jpg
black hands holding a natural handmade s
bottles of neem and sesame oil against a
West African women producing shea butter

The Lafiya Way

Community Empowerment

At Lafiya, we strengthen rural communities by supporting female-owned businesses and local workers, ensuring that our growth enhances their livelihoods.

Sustainable Practices

We commit to environmental stewardship through sustainable harvesting and production processes that respect the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

Ethical Ingredients

Lafiya uses only natural ingredients sourced responsibly to ensure purity and safety without compromising on quality and effectiveness.

Health and Wellbeing

Our products are designed to promote health and wellness, using ingredients that nurture the skin and contribute to overall vitality.

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